Author: Valda Goudie

Maybe you’re even up for some faith CHALLENGES?

In her desire to serve God and others, Valda aspires to do all these things in her writing.

Valda Goudie doesn’t appear on Val’s Stage as a stand-up comedian but as a Daughter of God.

She will, however, use her east-coast Canadian humor to remind you that as believers, we all live on a stage. A curious audience watches to see how God’s love makes us different!

Do you relate to Valda’s realization that wearing the name Child of God means more than attending church, being good, and falling asleep during her prayers each night? God doesn’t expect perfection, and He certainly doesn’t want us putting on a show; He just wants our daily best as we live for Him.

Do you enjoy a good chuckle? You can find Valda at @valdagoudie on Instagram to read her TUESDAY TICKLE and FRIDAY FUNNY posts each week: an illustrated (sometimes animated) joke and a short faith-based inspirational message often introduced with a personal anecdote. If you’re not on Instagram, join her mailing list below to receive these directly in your Inbox!

Valda’s Tickle Me With a Crowbar! Series

“Tickle me with a crowbar!” Valda’s dad responds with a groan and an eye roll after hearing a joke like the one above.

Are you looking for a different kind of devotional that will make you chuckle but still challenge your faith? Tickle Me with a Crowbar 2! is ideal for busy people having limited time but still want to connect with God’s Word. Readers must enjoy clean humor and want to grow in their faith.

Is that you? 

These fun devotionals are packed with images and “Tickles” to kick-start your day with your smile in place. After each day’s Tickle, Valda pries open God’s Word in the “Crowbar” section and mines a gem, using relatable life applications.

*Need an affordable, thoughtful gift for a Christian friend or family member?*

Book 3 in the series will have similar content but with longer devotionals. Stay tuned!

Join Valda’s mailing list, for more “tickles” and faith challenges! You will receive her TUESDAY TICKLE and FRIDAY FUNNY posts directly in your Inbox. She would also love to reach out to you on a more personal level. Sign up below, if you haven’t already, and make sure to take her emails out of your Spam Folder if that’s where they land!

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Wonderful introduction dear Valda to a performance reflection.. may the performance be rich and the director acclaimed. Love it..


  2. so well prepared with lots of life, light, and I would say love for the Lord and what He has you doing. This is interesting and what a beautiful way to enrich and increase our focus on the Lord. Bravo – well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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