Writer: Valda Goudie

A Newfie Stage

Grown in the rocky soil of Newfoundland, I’m familiar with stages. Attached to a wharf, at the water’s edge a fishing stage tends to be a smelly place. After the fisherman (or woman) secures the boat to the wharf, he brings his catch into the stage and takes out his sharp fillet knife. Off with the head! Scrape out the guts! Rinse the whole mess down through a huge hole in the floor. All the unwanted parts – sent to fishy heaven, from whence they came.

But, as attractive as I made that sound,

this is not THAT kind of STAGE…

I’m a Bible-believing, hand-clapping, Jesus-loving Christian. If I’m doing it right, that puts me on a stage. Every day is a performance. That’s not a career choice – that’s a fact.

How I choose to be seen by others and who I prioritize in my audience – those are choices.

In this blog I share my experiences in my Life Performance as a daughter of God and I challenge you to view your life in a similar way. And, I might just tell you a joke too!

None of us ever feel ready to give a perfect performance, no matter how hard we’ve prepared. The good news is, God doesn’t expect perfect, and He certainly doesn’t want us putting on a show; He just wants our daily best as we live for Him.

Are you ready for the curtain to rise?

Step into the spotlight, Child of God!

I love to laugh, don’t you? A while ago, I started posting weekly jokes to Instagram with a shorter inspirational post. You can find me at @valdagoudie to see my TUESDAY TICKLE and FRIDAY FUNNY posts. If you’re not on Instagram, I have begun sending these out to my mailing list friends, as well — an incentive for you to connect with me below!

I’m also putting together a collection of similar material to create a 31-day devotional called, Your Morning Chuckle & Faith Challenge. I’m very excited to share these devotions with you! I’d love to be part of your morning routine and to think I could bring a smile to your sleepy face. I will keep you updated on my progress.

Click on the image for a sample chapter!

… currently working on Day 30.

Join my mailing list, for more chuckles! I will send you my TUESDAY TICKLE and FRIDAY FUNNY posts directly to your Inbox. I’d also love to reach out to you on a more personal level. Sign up below, if you haven’t already, and make sure to take me out of your Spam Folder if that’s where I land!

I want more chuckles and faith challenges!

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Wonderful introduction dear Valda to a performance reflection.. may the performance be rich and the director acclaimed. Love it..


  2. so well prepared with lots of life, light, and I would say love for the Lord and what He has you doing. This is interesting and what a beautiful way to enrich and increase our focus on the Lord. Bravo – well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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