A lady whose hair color changes often…

Valda’s goal as a writer is to encourage fellow believers in their walk with God. If she can make you smile, that’s a bonus!

Valda is a Kindergarten teacher, a former editor of a community newspaper, a mother to three grown boys, and an author. BUSY is her middle name!

Are you a child of God? Like Valda, you were made in His image, and it’s your responsibility to carry on the family business of spreading His love around. Are you up for the challenge?

While Valda’s leg tattoo reads “Made in Newfoundland,” she lives in Ottawa, Canada’s beautiful capital. Empty nesting with her hubby, Dwayne, in a high rise with the most spectacular sunrises, she is daily reminded of God’s wonder, His grace, and His love. She enjoys passing those reminders on to you!

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