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As we open a new chapter with the page turn to 2022, like every year, many people will make New Year’s Resolutions and vocalize promises to themselves to make the future better in some way. For some, this means starting a new diet or an exercise plan. For others, the goal might be looking for a new job or vowing to repair a broken relationship. That relationship might even be with God.

Regardless of the type of goal one sets, following through with any resolution will require determination, perseverance, a support system, and the appropriate resources. I would like to take this opportunity on Val’s Stage to share a resource that will help you if your goal is to strengthen your personal relationship with God.

This afternoon, I was delighted to receive my own signed copy of my friend Carolyn Cheer’s book Do You Believe I Am God or Not? Anchoring Your Hope in God’s Promises. It was exciting to hold the product of months of Carolyn’s writing, revising, and editing with the accompanying prayers, sweat, and tears.

I opened the cover to see my name and a personal message of thanks in my friend’s handwriting. One more page turn revealed my name a second time, but in print, at the end of the review I wrote for this beautiful book that Carolyn co-created with God.

Adding the title of Author was a step of faith that my book will soon be published too!

My Review for

Do You Believe I Am God or Not?

Sometimes life can be challenging. When hardships come, we often try to navigate them on our own. The world around us encourages this self-sufficiency. However, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” is not the way God intended us to face those stresses.
Before even opening this book, Carolyn’s words challenge our faith: “Do you believe I am God or not?” There is another way outside of panic attacks and spirals into depression. It begins with believing in His promises. In these beautiful devotions, Carolyn reminds us of God’s promises for us today as well as those for our future so we can anchor our lives in Him. The storms may come, but our God is greater.
This book is a testament to God’s grace as Carolyn faced her own battles to share her encouraging words with us. The journey to similar faith can begin in the next 21 days as you use this journaling devotional to spend time with an all-powerful God who loves you unconditionally.

Are You Up for the Challenge?

In January of each year, many churches encourage their congregations to join a 21-day journey together of prayer and fasting. I recommend following Carolyn’s 21 days of devotions and reflections as a guide during that focused spiritual time.

If you are not participating in an organized program like this, but you want to deepen your faith and understanding of God’s promises, you can do your own 21-day dive into His Word through Carolyn’s devotional.

I will not receive compensation from the sales of her book—except the knowledge that I shared a great resource with you!

As Carolyn would say, “Be blessed!”

And Happy New Year!

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  1. Well that’s nice Valda.! You are closing to fulfilling your dream of writing a book Keep moving forward…. Love and prayers. ❤️🙏

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