Earning My Pastry

A New Format

If you follow me on Instagram (@valdagoudie), you may be familiar with my regular format there – I like to share a joke and then follow it up with a short blog-type post, always ending with a spiritual encouragement, exhortation or invitation. I am really enjoying this writing, and have even compiled a 21-day devotional following the same format. I’ll share news on that, as things progress toward publication.
Starting today, I’m going to share similar material here as well. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it!

I’m a bigger fan of salty foods than sweet, but there’s something wonderful about a fresh, fluffy pastry, isn’t there?

My friend and I started our Saturday morning with a walk. We often exercise together in this way, since we enjoy each other’s company, and we are able to keep the same pace (a very important factor in choosing a walking buddy!).

Today was special, however; we had a destination in mind – a beautiful stone church, converted into a restaurant and bakery, serving the most delicious pastries which could only be fittingly described as “heavenly”. The thirty-minute jaunt (one-way) was well worth the palette-gift.

My treat was a croissant, but it swirled like a cinnamon roll and was topped with a delightful drizzle of blueberry jam. It had just the right amount of crispiness on the outside and the perfect interior freshness when I pulled it apart. It disappeared far too quickly, leaving me with nothing but crumbs on the table and my memory of its exquisite flavor.

When I shared our discovery of this new business with a lady at the pool, she asked if I had brought any pastries home with me.

“No,” I said. “I have to earn each one of those!”

We often justify treats that way, don’t we? If I walk aggressively for an hour, I earn a delicious pastry. If I don’t do the walk, I don’t deserve it. I do keep treats in moderation when I follow that rule!

Do you know what is a great treat and I don’t have to earn it? God’s love! He gives it freely to anyone who believes in Him. Jesus even compares His love to the fulfillment we get from pastry:

“I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again.”

JOHN 6:35

What is it that we really hunger for as humans? Love, acceptance, relationship… God’s bread. That’s pastry worth craving!

Thank You, Father for offering Your love to us in the sacrifice of Your Son. Thank You for making Your gift free and not expecting me to earn it. I accept Your bread: Your unconditional love, Your acceptance of me into Your family, the relationship You offer to have with me. Amen.

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