Me Change? No way!

“Don’t come home with blue or green hair!” my husband called as I left to go to the hair salon. It was an odd warning, since I’d had the same platinum blonde hair for years (except for the COVID-roots, when the salons were closed).

Yet, as I sat in the waiting room and watched my hairdresser finish another client’s hair — the exact same platinum blonde as mine — I got an itch to change things up.

“Let’s do something different!” I suggested. “I’m feeling adventurous.”

When I walked into the condo, sporting my new dark purple hair, my husband’s jaw dropped. “I thought I said…”

“What? It’s not blue or green!”

It was fading to a lovely plum before he began to accept the new look.

The next day, I used a special rinse and turned it a spicy red…

Some people hate change of any kind. They get comfortable in a life of predictability. That life might not be great, but they know what’s coming; what to expect. There are no surprises to catch them off guard.

This isn’t a realistic way to live, however. Change sometimes forgets to ask our permission. It just sneaks in.

The world pandemic of 2020-21 changed everything. It ground the world to a stop as we faced a virus that had the potential to wipe us all out. We had to change the way we interacted with each other, where we could go, and what we could do. For a time, that meant shutting down and staying home. Our social lives happened through screens. And even at the “end” of the pandemic, I expect we will be left forever changed.

Other changes we embrace on our own. We change our hairstyles; our diets; our jobs; our addresses; or we might even change our mates (it happens). When we purposely make changes to our lives, they are usually prompted by unhappiness or some discontent with how things presently are. You might deny this, stating, “I just wanted a change”, but wanting is a desire, and desire usually comes from feeling a lack of something; wanting more; wanting better.

When Jesus walked this earth as a man, many who met Him were changed forever. Lepers, who were forced to live in isolation from their families, were suddenly healed of their disease and able to reunite with their loved ones. Men and women who couldn’t walk were suddenly jumping for joy. The blind could see; the deaf could hear; the demon-possessed were free. All of these people were changed from their personal encounters with the Messiah. They desired something more; they accepted His loving touch.

But not everyone walked away from Jesus changed. The religious leaders tested Him and watched Him closely, their suspicious minds inventing ways to trick Him into admitting He wasn’t who He said He was. Meeting Jesus didn’t change them, because pride controlled them. The rich young ruler who felt drawn to Jesus, recognizing that there was something about Him and His way of life that He desired, walked away unchanged, because greed ruled his heart.

Some people hear the gospel of Christ, and they dismiss it as something that they don’t need or desire. They don’t allow it to change them.

Those who acknowledge that they have need of a Savior, who repent of their sin and invite Him to be Lord of their life, invite change. A truly repentant heart will not remain the same. Jesus told the adulterous woman that He forgave her sins. But He didn’t just let her walk away to go back to that life. He told her, “Go and sin no more.” The New International Version says, “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

God expects change when we receive His forgiveness. We can’t carry on the way we were when we enter into a partnership with the Almighty God, when His Holy Spirit takes up residence in our hearts.

John the Baptist scolded his audience of believers, saying, “Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned to God” (Matthew 3:8). The crowd asked him what they should do. He told them to give to the poor and share with the hungry. He told the tax collectors to stop taking more than their share — to be honest. He told the soldiers to stop extorting money and making false accusations. His message was one of change; of thinking less about themselves and more about treating others well.

Saying “I’m sorry” to a spouse, a child, a friend, or to God is just a waste of words unless a change accompanies them. Repentance is an action word — a change of mind and direction. As we grow spiritually, others will see that change in us. We become more and more like Jesus and less like the self-centered world. We love God first and others next. Our mindset is changed.

As we receive God’s transformation, He changes the direction of our life path from heading to death and hell to a guided journey to eternal life and heaven’s promises. That’s one rerouting that we should all desire.

Lord, don’t allow me to get comfortable in my sin. I confess to You that I need Your direction and Your wisdom, so I can change to be a child of God who reflects my Father’s image; one who lives a life that glorifies Your family name. Forgive me for making self-centered choices and leaving You out of many decisions. I invite You to take control, and be the Director of my life performance. Amen.

If you’ve asked Jesus into your heart, but your life hasn’t changed, ask yourself why. Do you desire to be more like Jesus? We do that by spending time with Him. We read God’s Word and talk to Him in prayer. We make Him part of every moment of our lives. We actually let Him lead us and direct our steps.

Make time for Jesus. Don’t shut Him out with the excuse that you’re too busy. God wants to be your priority. Accept His loving offer of relationship, and embrace change.

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4 thoughts on “Me Change? No way!

  1. Me Change is really a Wonderful Blog….. it’s not alway that we feel confident to CHANGE, like you stated but sometimes change is good … changes for the BETTER for sure. Keep up the good work….🙏🙏❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I make it sound like I’m open to change, but I do have OCD tendencies – for example, everything in my home has a place and it drives me crazy when things don’t go back where they belong! Some change is just annoying! LOL


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