Who is That Behind the Mask?

“Who is that?” I stared at a face, the top covered by a colored paper mask with cut-out holes and the bottom hidden, as usual, by the COVID-protector one.

I was moving photos from the device I use in the classroom to capture all the learning and fun to online folders where their parents can access them. I had to move to the laptop with its bigger screen to recognize my little children whom I mother every day for six hours. It was an odd feeling.

As adults, we tend to wear masks too. We choose to whom we reveal ourselves as we build close relationships with others. To the casual acquaintance, when they ask, “How are you?”, we answer, “Good” or the one I hate most: “Not bad.” But, with a close friend, the answer is more detailed, more honest, and could take a while (and possibly a hot beverage, or a room-temperature one in a stemmed glass).

Our masks are not effective with God, however. He sees right through them immediately. He’s not squinting at a small screen, wondering if it’s us He’s viewing. Our Maker knows us intimately. We can say “I’m good”, but He sees our heart; He reads our minds; He hears our secret inner thoughts. And His heart breaks when we bottle it all inside. His arms are open wide, waiting for us to turn to Him; longing for us to give our pain, our worries, and our guilt to Him. He sent His son to die so we could do all that. How much more could He do to prove His unconditional love for us? What a slap in the face for us to continue pushing Him away and trying to cope on our own…

Lord, I take off my mask and open my whole being to You. Read me like a book and adjust the storyline. Thank You for Your love and Your acceptance of me, faults and selfishness included. I receive Your offer of an intimate relationship as I repent of my sins. Amen.

Are you being real with God, or are you hiding behind a mask? Why don’t you admit how you feel, and ask Him to rescue you? He won’t let you down.

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