Read the Room

One of my students’ favorite learning activities is called Read the Room. They walk around the classroom looking for words, letters, or numbers. Often, they must engage with the discovery in some way once they’ve found it. This might involve copying the text on their recording sheet, crossing off a match, drawing a picture, or coloring something.

This morning, I did a Read the Room in the main living area of my condo. I invite you to join me on my journey. My engagement this morning was expressing my gratitude to God for each discovery.

Thank You, God, for my family. For those who raised me in a home filled with love—theirs and Yours. Thank You for our three grown sons. We are very proud of the men they have become. I pray that they will get to know you more. Thank You for giving me a loving husband who spoils me daily.

Thank You for friends—those who are dear to me. I pray that they will feel Your love and comfort this Christmas as many lives are thrown into chaos with positive COVID tests and diagnoses even scarier.

I pray for those who may experience loneliness this year. May they draw nearer to You.

Thank You for our food and for meeting all of our basic needs. We lack for nothing. I pray for those who do not have a filled fridge. Show me how I can help.

Thank You for my morning coffee! I do enjoy that wake-me-up.
Thank You for technology. When used correctly, this makes our lives better in so many ways. Help me to be tech-wise.
Thank You for transportation—for a car that works and gets us where we need to go in comfort.
Thank You for jobs that give us financial security.

Thank You for the seasons. They show that You are in control. Help me to appreciate winter a little more!

Thank You for the unique gifts and talents that You give us. Use my writing to encourage others.

So much here. Thank You for the joy, love, and peace You offer us when we believe in You. You are the provider of all things good.

Thank You for grace exemplified in Your salvation, for providing a way for us to have a close relationship with our Creator. Thank You for forgiving our sins and loving us unconditionally.

Thank You for Jesus. May we all keep our focus on Him during this celebratory season.
You are the Reason.

Well… Thanks!

I challenge you to Read the Room in your home. Look for all the things you have to be grateful for and whisper a prayer of thanks.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas! Stay safe and warm.

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3 thoughts on “Read the Room

  1. That is awesome Valda….I really enjoyed your blog today. You encouraged me if no one else 😁😁😁. I am sure all those who read will be uplifted. Life is good when we stay POSITIVE. SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR …..👏👏💕💕🎄🎄

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  2. your stage looks lovely – the artist speaks with every snap of the eyelid. I am thankful to be able to live alone – Silence is necessary for my mental health. M

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    1. You are always so poetic with your words, Mary! I appreciate my silence too. Noise is not an effective remedy for a racing mind. It’s like putting a bandaid on a broken bone…


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