Hair! Ugh!

Hot water bubbled around us, and the jets massaged our backs as my friend and I sat in the hot tub, catching up. An upbeat tune on my Bluetooth speaker contributed to the beautiful haven of relaxation. 

Midsentence, my friend’s face scrunched into a grimace as her arm shot up out of the tub. “Ugh!” she exclaimed, raising her hand to display the Catch of the Day. 

A clump of long, black hair hung off her fingers, reminding us that condo amenities were shared with many others even when, at the moment, it seemed a private retreat. Fortunately, these two strawberry blonds didn’t let the discovery ruin our evening.

The following afternoon, my Bluetooth speaker kept me company again as I cleaned my son’s bathroom at his apartment. I think that’s what all mothers do while puppy-sitting, right?

I swept the small room and then vacuumed. Yet, every stroke of my washcloth left black puppy hairs on the white tile. My takeaway from this frustrating exercise was that shower tile perfection cannot be achieved with puppies in residence! 

This is not the first time hair has been featured on Val’s Stage (See Sweet, Hairy Lies from January 2023). This speaks to my ongoing issues with hair. I’m not a fan.

I’m sure God had good reasons why He put hair in the places He did on our bodies. Yet, if He had consulted me, I might have presented some arguments. The only body hair I gladly embrace is eyebrow and eyelash hair. In fact, I intentionally supplement these areas by penciling in strands or adding extensions. Don’t get me started about my fine, soft head of hair. While I’m grateful for what I have and the enjoyment I get shocking people with my changing colors, I’d have picked out a flowing mane of waves if given the option to choose.

But it’s not the hair ON the body that I’m focusing on here. It’s the hair that falls off the body. Hair in the tub, in the sink, on the floor, stuck to cushions, in your food… My friend said it best: “Ugh!” Those single strands (or worse, clumps) ruin the purity of the place where they have landed. While those white tiles were clean and sparkly, a single dark hair spoiled the image of perfection I had longed for.

They are like sins. When God looks at my life, He sees a creature He made in His image. But He never sees perfection. While He provided salvation from my sin, I wander off sometimes like my son’s black-haired puppy, chasing something interesting. Each time I ask God to forgive me for my sin, He brushes those dark hairs from my life and makes me clean again. But, just like with puppies, perfection cannot be achieved with humans in residence! 

When I finished cleaning that bathroom, I didn’t scold my sweet grandpuppy for shedding hair. I sat next to him, stroking that dark fur and showing my affection.  God loves us with unconditional love that sees beyond our mess. He longs to clean us up and spend time with us, lavishing his affection on His children.

Aren’t you glad God doesn’t turn His back on us and the messes we sometimes create? The Master Mr. Clean waits for us to ask for His help to cleanse our hearts. And for a split second, He’ll get rid of every stray hair that mars our perfection. 

Father, forgive me for the things I do, words I say, or thoughts I think that do not honor You. Each time I follow my own will instead of Yours, I become less pure. Cleanse my heart and draw me close to You. Thank You for loving me through my messes. Amen.

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