Taking a Break!

It may look different for everyone, but we all need to take a break occasionally. 

As teachers, March Break is a much looked-forward-to week. Winters in Ontario can seem cold and long, and by the time March roars or baas in (lion or lamb?), we are fully prepared to lock the classroom door behind us and sprint out of the building.

Some of us head to tropical destinations where we enjoy beaches, palm trees, and all-inclusive pampering. Tired educators pack cruise ships and resorts, desiring to relax and delete the word “do” from their vocabulary unless it’s in sentences like, “Do read a book” or “Do put your feet up.”

Not all teachers have the financial comforts to head south for such luxurious accommodations. These colleagues may embrace spending more quality time with their families in ways they don’t have time for during the busy school year. They might lace up skates or put on skis to enjoy the activities winter allows.

This year, my husband and I chose to travel AND spend time with family. Rather than run away to burn under the hot sun nearer to the equator, we flew to another part of Canada, known for colder temperatures than our Ottawa home. Spending time with our son and his wife was a bigger priority than escaping winter.

The destination is not the point, though. It’s the break.

We are not built to go, go, go without rest and recharge. And that can be done anywhere, as long as we intentionally set our mind to do it.

So, I painted my nails in bright yellows and oranges, got a palm tree tattoo, and flew to “Winter-peg” (Winnipeg, Manitoba)! And on the first full day of our visit, we saw palm trees, flowers, butterflies, and even a lizard in a warm, humid biodome called The Leaf. Life is good!

When was the last time you took a break? What might that look like for you?

Wait, rest, relax, and breathe. Be fully present, using our five senses to experience life. When we do this, we are reminded that God is good! (Even when life sometimes takes sour turns.)

Father, You created us to balance our work with rest. Help me to follow Your instruction to take a weekly Sabbath and to make the most of these work breaks. Thank You for all the good things You have given us. You are so good! Amen.

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One thought on “Taking a Break!

  1. Nice to take a break….you deserve it after working all year. Relax and enjoy! God is GOOD all the time God is GOOD. 👍👍💕💕

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